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How to install Free Download Latest Taptap Heroes Mod APK (Unlimited Money & Unlock Everything) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Free Download Latest Taptap Heroes Mod APK (Unlimited Money & Unlock Everything) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Taptap Heroes mod APK is a famous RPG game that over 50,00,000 users have downloaded and enjoyed from Google Play. The game has a lot of content. It’s worth checking out!

Free Download Taptap heroes mod apk unlimited money and everything

Taptap Heroes: Soul Origin Story

This game has an amazing storyline just like AFK Arena Mod APK. One day, a mysterious force from another dimension opened a portal to the human world and unleashed a powerful army of demons. The demons destroyed everything in their path. The humans tried to push back the monsters but to no avail. As the last line of defense, you must hold them off for as long as possible with your mystical powers.

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Game Chapters

The game is divided into several chapters, and every chapter is composed of many battles. Up to 5 monsters are lined up for you to challenge each match. You need to tap on them or use your heroes’ skills to attack monsters. When the monster’s HP is reduced to zero, Your hero will kill it. The beast will also counter-attack at the same time. Your heroes’ HP will be reduced when monsters attack them. If all your heroes die in battle, it means game over! If all monsters are killed, then you win.

After each battle, there will be multiple rewards waiting for you! These rewards can help your heroes level up, evolve, and upgrade their equipment. In addition, more bonuses are waiting for you to collect after clearing all battles in one chapter!

Game Modes

There are two main modes in TapTap Heroes: Adventure Mode and Arena Mode.

In Adventure Mode, players will run against other online users. Players can either challenge these enemies alone or with a team of up to four friends to defeat them together.

tap tap heroes mod apk unlimited everything

In Arena Mode, players can battle against other players in real-time for rewards and experience points. You and your friends can also play this mode with friends or yourself if you choose.

In this game, you will be the hero of the world and have to fight against the evil forces that are attacking your world. You will have a lot of quests to complete, and you will also fight against powerful monsters. The graphics and effects are amazing, making the game very enjoyable.

How To Play?

To start playing TapTap Heroes, you will have to create a powerful army to defeat all the enemies in the game. This game gives you a very wide selection of heroes who have different skills in the game. Each hero has a unique ability, and you can upgrade each hero to become more powerful. You can also use magic spells to attack your enemies and make them weaker.

In the game, there are a lot of interesting levels, and you will experience the difficult situation at all levels than the last one. After finishing a story, you will get some gold and experience points. 

Features of Taptap Heroes APK

best heroes in taptap heroes mod apk

Collect the Best Taptap Heroes

A player can select and build a fearless team of best Taptap heroes. There are more than 200 heroes of mainly three classes to collect, and each hero has different skills and abilities. You just have to build a strong and perfectly balanced team by selecting the right hero. Your selection could be from the Warrior, Wizard or Archer class. While choosing team members, always keep in mind the defeat of your enemies.

Play in Different Stages

There are also various stages in which you will have to fight against other players or teams to get more wins and level up your hero team. The goal is simple: get as many wins as possible by defeating all your opponents before killing you!

Taptap Hero’s Customization

The character customization is impressive as well. You can create your own heroes with different skills, weapons, armor, and abilities. Moreover, there are also additional gadgets that you will buy to enhance your character’s strength and skills. Tap Heroes Hacked game allows you to change each and everything of your hero and make him more destructive.

Tap Heroes APK Skill System

In Taptap Heroes, many different skill systems help you in the game, such as:

– Passive Skill: The passive skill will always affect the character, and it does not need to activate. The passive skill can be upgraded to increase the effect.

– Active Skill: This skill must be activated, and it has a certain cool downtime, so you have to wait until it is ready again to use it.

– Combo Skill: The combo skill is available when you combine three skills, and it will have a special effect like reducing the cooldown time of all active skills or casting all active skills at once.

– Secret Skill: The secret skill is available only for some characters, and you can use this skill after using all of your active skills during battle. It requires MP to cast this skill.

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Tap Hero Hack– Perfect Strategies

There are many different stages in this game, and each step has another mechanism to pass through it. The player must use their best strategy to pass one stage and then move on to another stage. Every player must use their best method and not hesitate to change their approach so they can win the battle easily.

Guild Arena

Meet the Guild Arena, a brand new feature in Taptap Heroes Online. In this Guild Arena, you can play online games with your friends that could be a medium to play boss battles or other guild factions.

The Guild Arena is available in the main menu on the upper right side of your screen. To gain access to it, your guild needs to reach level 3. Once acquired, the Guild Arena becomes available for all members to play from Monday to Saturday.

Shift Between Main Hero And Watcher

Taptap Heroes is an amazing game, But one feature is unique. In most games of this genre, your character is the protagonist. But in Taptap Heroes, you can switch between different characters in your team by touching the screen. This is a small change, but it makes the game feel quite different.

As you play, you understand more about what each character can do. The knight can draw enemy fire and absorb a lot of damage. The ranger has a good range and high critical hit chance. The mage can deal damage over time to multiple enemies at once. The priest heals allies when they’re low on health.

Graphics of Taptap Heroes Game

The graphics in this game are just fantastic. Like the game itself, they are very simple and minimalistic, but they have a lot of charm. They are clean and well-drawn, with a style that evokes images from classic Disney films. The characters and scenery are also full of nature, and you can see a lot of love went into making them.

taptap heroes online game

Taptap Heroes Mod APK Features 

Download Taptap Heroes MOD APK comes with unlimited money, gems, and everything. In this game, you have a great adventure, and you have to fight against many enemies that cost money and gems. So with the taptap heroes mod apk, you can get unlimited gems and money, which will help you buy everything and defeat your enemies. Taptap Heroes private servers are also available.


You might want to go through the tips & tricks first before proceeding with Taptap Heroes. The development of taptap heroes is impressive, and so is its fun gameplay. If you enjoy online adventures and battle, the taptap heroes mod apk with unlimited money and crystals will not disappoint you!



What's new

1. New Talent V, activate Talent V can unlock Soul Origin
2. New hero: Horde Assassin-Leo
3. New Skin: Leo-Godfather
4. Actifact-Ragnarok can be upgraded to Mythic·Ragnarok
5. Adjusted the round of Hero Chest Event, Fortune Wheel Event, Miracle Tree Event to 4 rounds, 5 rounds and 6 rounds, and adjusted the rewards

What are the new features in Taptap Heroes latest updates?

1. New hero: Cosmic Wanderer-Star Eclipse Witch · Freya
2. New skin: Star Eclipse Witch · Freya - Astral Wings
3. New gameplay: Arena - Fair Competition - Synthetic Brawl. For specific gameplay, please experience it in the game after the update
4. Hero adjustments: Azathoth & Skuld, for adjustment details, please check the gallery after the update
5. Artifact adjustments: Starshards & Gae Bolg, can be leveled up to mythic
6. Added Free Weekly, monthly package
7. Elite Hero Chest, Moon: Sigurd
8. Elite Hero Chest: Raised Hero drop rate and adjusted hero pool

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