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Playing Tank Heroes is an exciting way to enjoy tanking action. You can have your chance to pick up multiple weapons, boosts, and tanks for the in-game levels. With unlimited money mod apk download, you will be able to enjoy all of these features without having to spend much time or effort playing the game!
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What is Tank Heroes?

Tank heroes mod APK is a fun and addicting arcade game where you can drive tanks, battle other players online, and upgrade your tanks to be the best tank in the world. Moreover, the graphics are great for such an inexpensive app, and it’s easy to learn how to play. It is a free app, but in-app purchases can help you become the best tank ever. Tank Heroes is available for free on android and ios. So what are you waiting for? Download Tank Heroes Mod today!

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The gameplay of  Tank Heroes is easy to learn. First, you can buy and upgrade tanks and battle them against other players online in different areas. You also have a currency called gold that allows you to upgrade your tank even more than before. All controls are moved with the arrow buttons on the screen or, if you prefer, touch controls. The arena is very easy to maneuver in because it’s just a big circle. The graphics are great for a free app, and the sounds of the weapons firing really give you a sense of how exciting this game can be.

The game’s tutorials will help you learn the basics of the game. Discover their incredible abilities, fascinating in-game maps, and compelling opponents against who you can compete. Enjoy the game with various modes, each providing its own set of rules and several exciting encounters.

Tank Heroes (Unlimited Money and Gold) Key features

Easy to operate Controls

Simple tank controls and operations in Tank Heroes make it easy for any player to get underway. However, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to mastering this game.

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Abilities are integral in doing well in Tank Heroes. For example, the speed ability allows for faster movement around the map. At the same time, the defense boost increases the tank’s resilience in combat significantly. Understanding how and when to use abilities is vital, and players will need time to get used to it. If you are an action game enthusiast, you should give a chance to Bullet Echo once.

Be A Team Player in Tank Heroes Latest Version

Another essential element in this game is team play. Tanks on the same team will automatically show up on the map. Moving closely with them increases the chances of interception or reinforcement. Players can also spot enemies on their own, but this relies on luck as there is no way to predict which direction the enemies will come from. Tank Heroes is a fantastic game with innovative gameplay mechanics set in the Battle tactics.

tank heroes mod apk free shopping

Tunneling is a feature that will be familiar to RTS players. Tanks can use their ability to move underground and seek surprise attacks on enemies. The downside of tunneling is slow, leaving you vulnerable when driving under the enemy base.

Variety of Tank Weapons

There is a range of weapons available for each tank in Tank Heroes. The machine guns have unlimited ammo, so fire away! Each weapon has a cooldown period, so nobody gets to be an unstoppable force.

Each level has different terrain and obstacles to overcome, so keep your eyes sharp! And remember- it’s not just the land mines you need to worry about. There are plenty of enemy tanks gunning for you.

Massive Collection of Tanks with Unique Designs

Tank Heroes offers you more than 30 special tanks with numerous variations of their weapons and equipment. Each tank is designed by its own unique driver; some might act heroically while others might want to actually destroy your team – who knows?

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One of the best things about Tank Heroes is how they provide you with various game modes that will keep boredom at bay for hours. This game gives you several ways, from quick matches up to ranked matches, giving you a chance to advance through Tiers and earn a spot at the top.

  • In story mode, you will face off with enemy tanks that are controlled by artificial intelligence.
  • You’ll have to go further and faster in survival mode, so be cautious of your tank.
  • You’ll be facing off against others in real-time, vying to be the last tank standing. You can only do that by using your weapons wisely and avoiding taking too many hits yourself!
  • In addition to this, Tank Heroes offers a variety of historical events that allow you to play in legendary events from World War II to the modern day.

Upgrading and Customization in Tank Heroes (FREE Shopping)

As you move up through the levels, you get points that you can use to upgrade your tanks. This allows you to increase their health, power, and etc. You can also use gold that you earn or money that you buy in the game to upgrade your tanks.

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The tank heroes mod app lets you select which upgrade choice is ideal for your tank heroes mod apk. If you want to be more powerful, then go for the power upgrade. If you are already strong enough, try out other options like range or movement speed. This allows you to match your tank heroes apk with your playing style.


Playing Tank Heroes Mod APK is an exciting way to enjoy tanking action. You can have your chance to pick up multiple weapons, boosts, and tanks for the in-game levels. With unlimited money and Free Shopping mod download, you will be able to enjoy all of these features without having to spend much time or effort playing the game!


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